Booty workout guides

Here are my secret personal routines I have used for years and I want to share them with you! Lets get it right and tight!

During these quarantine times I know it can be challenging to stay active but I have home and band workout routines just for that. You can lose cellulite and plump those rumps ;) If you do have a gym available I have a guide for you also.

Have no fear the booty gains are coming this year!! All guides are great whether you're losing or gaining they're versatile my loves!


No gym no problemooo

We are putting these quarantine gains to work ladies!



Get 3 EBooks and Save! 

Each exercise is explained in details paired with photos of movements. Including how many reps, sets, and technique.

Glutes Galore

Resistance band workouts for toned and curvy legs and glutes. (Home & Gym)

Got Booty?

Exercises designed to build you a bigger booty. (Gym Version)

Plump and Perky

At home, butt and leg workouts for shaping toned and feminine curves. (At Home Version)

By Jasmine Chiquito

About Me

Hi my peeps :) I'm Jassy, personal trainer and booty builder! I am 26 years young. I started my fitness journey March 2014. I have been weightlifting now for 6 years. I was 115 lbs before I ever lifted a weight and now today I am 150 lbs and 24% body fat. I fell madly love with weightlifting, and even more in love with the transformation not only physical but mental. The results are truly unbelievable but so worth it. This is absolutely a lifetime commitment, if ever you find yourself falling off a bit especially during these quarantine times just pick right back up. Sometimes breaks are just what's needed to refresh your motivation :) My hope is that you can take which workouts you enjoy doing most from my guides and applying them to your routine! Working out helps you sleep better at night, relieves stress, and keep us right and tight! I want to share what has worked for me with you! I have different guides you can choose from depending on whether its at home or gym. Just changing the world one fitness accomplishment at a time! I am here to support and celebrate my fellow fit friends! Build your body to your personal perfection your only competition is being better than your old self. All that is needed is your body, sweat, dedication, patience, and commitment.


Lets get these strong legs and booty ladies !!