Beccy D’Angelo (Makeup Artist):
     “I couldn’t wait to start Jasmine’s Workouts when I bought the book.  During my first session I was only halfway through and sweating like crazy!!”

Kassandra Fernandez (Receptionist):
    ”Before Jasmine I just had a fat butt that was saggy but now it’s lifted, bigger and super round!”

Christine Mendoza (Stay at home mom):
    “Usually most of my gf’s can’t keep up with my leg workouts. That is until I worked out with Jasmine Chiquito. I felt like my booty cheeks were going to fall off! I couldn’t even sit without wincing! Days after I already noticed the quick difference and was hooked and impressed.”

Judith Valenzuela (College Student):
    “Stronger cakes because of baby girls Ebook! Went from nothing to something.”
Maria Victoria:
    "Just bought your eBook yesterday. Did some moves today and I'm already in pain. Good pain though!"